EQ vs IQ

How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Studies reveal that over 80% of our success is due to our emotional quotient, or EQ. Having a well developed EQ can raise the quality of our relationships, our income, and our overall well being. Join us to discover how you can elevate your emotional quotient for long term success.



You will have the opportunity to take an Emotional Quotient assessment which will let you know how well developed your five areas of EQ are, what areas you may want to give some attention to, with helpful tips in order to grow in each of those areas. This information is incredibly valuable to know as you discover what these five areas consist of, the different aspects of each, and how we can raise them in ourselves so we can become an emotionally intelligent leader.

We will also be digging deeper into our emotional guidance system, learning how to be less reactive and more responsive, in order for us to have healthier dialogues and know how to best address conflict. All of these topics will empower you to be a better self manager, as well as to grow your influence with your organization, and experience greater quality relationships in every area of your life.


This workshop will be held virtually Saturday November 14, 2020 8:30 Р11:30 am AZ/MT, with several breaks throughout. You will be sent a link to take the Emotional Quotient assessment when you register, and your results will be provided prior to the workshop. You will be asked to be fully present, with video monitor on, and engaged. We will make the most of our virtual environment!

This workshop, with assessment, is valued at $497. I am offering this for $147, yet when you click the link below, you will see I am offering it at a very special price through November 3, 2020… (Just $87!)


Understanding the 5 key elements of emotional quotient, as well as where you are currently Рand knowing that this is an area in which you can develop Рcan bring you a richer quality of life. Awareness is the foundational piece. You will learn some practical applications you can put into place in order to raise your emotional quotient. You will also get an e-book on how to elevate your EQ, as well as your Emotional Quotient assessment results. 

Special Price through November 3, 2020


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